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With its headquarters in Kerala, India and branches across India and GCC Malabar Group is best known for its activities in the field of gold, diamond and precious metals. Apart from having one of the largest network of jewellery outlets, Malabar Group has diversified successfully into other business sectors as well. The Malabar Group is considered as one of the emerging business groups in India with a turnover +USD 3.5 billion. Through, dedicated, honest and well-disciplined effort, the company became a prominent figure in the South India's Gold Market. Our mission is to champion the cause of the value conscious customer, through continuous value-addition in our products and services, building trust amongst consumers, pride amongst employees and long-term returns for investors.

We add appreciating value to each life we touch. Captures our focus on providing value Includes customers, employees, investors and others stakeholders. We focuses on touching lives and hence our bent towards CSR. Appreciating ensures that value is a continuous journey and not a milestone and therefore highlights the need for continuous innovation.

Our corporate values emphasize the importance of striving to be a valued and trusted partner to our customers. During the last 21 years by meritorious operations along with a focus on delivering excellent customer care and maximising satisfaction, the company was able to grow from a small partnership firm to a leading Corporate Entity.

Malabar Group's diversified business sectors include:

  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds : Jewellery Retailing, Manufacturing & Exporting.
  • : E-Commerce business for Jewellery
  • Malabar Developers : Property Development of Residential / Commercial and Retail spaces.
  • Malabar Watches : Retail of Luxury Branded Watches
  • EHAM : Retailing of Furniture's and Total Home Solution
  • Atna : IT Enterprise Business solution & consultancy.
  • GIZMO : Retail of IT, Mobile & Gadgets.
  • B2B : Corporate Gifts in Gold & Precious metals.
  • Megatrade : Corporate Gifting, Packing
  • Green Thumb : Organic Farming
  • Charitable Institutions

Malabar Group of Companies is committed to honesty and fairness to achieve a leadership position among all other business groups through utilisation of the best and most appropriate technologies, applying the finest manufacturing disciplines and most efficiently marketing high quality products to consistently give its customers, the best value and security for their money.