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Fabricated Metals

The fabricated metal industry covers several distinct segments, including structural metals, forging and stamping, metal containers, hardware and springs, metal valves, and fasteners. These metal fabrication manufacturers face complex requirements that are intricately connected to the needs and demands of their customers. Metal-fabrication companies face complex requirements that are connected to the needs and demands of their customers. Fabricators have to make quality products to exact specifications, synchronize their production schedules with customer schedules, and deliver products according to consumption schedules.

Atna and our solutions can help your organization with the following value propositions:

Streamline processes

  • Integrate your manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, and financial systems
  • Gain real-time visibility to supplier status, inventory, work-in-process, sales, purchasing, and financial information
  • Minimize waste in purchasing, quotation generation, manufacturing, materials management, and inventory control
  • Accelerate new products to market

Improve customer relationships

  • Manage and track all customer-facing activities
  • Collect and deliver the actual costs of parts made so costs can be lowered and quoted appropriately
  • Provide powerful after-sales support technology, including mobility solutions for rapid response and tracking
  • Coordinate multichannel communications with customers

Our experienced functional and ERP solution specialists possess hands-on experience in defining your requirements and implementing complex business solutions.