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Business Consulting

In today's global economy, midsize companies have enormous challenges to remain focused in the market while keeping track of changing business environments, global competitions and government regulations. This puts enormous pressure on the management team and key IT personnel to learn about new innovative solutions, develop new technology roadmaps, transform the culture of the company, manage key resources, and continue to contribute to the growth of the business.

Our consultants have extensive experience in ERP business consultation and are efficient in handling varied and very important strategic business and technological issues. We provide solutions that measure business and ERP performance, improve business processes, and enable change throughout your organization. We work with a variety of clients, and suggest the right sized solution for the business based on their scale of operations.

We understand that you are faced with an abundance of choices when it comes to business services. Some companies focus on strategy, some on staff augmentation, while others focus on technological implementations.

At Atna Technologies, we focus on:

  • Tangible business and ERP results, Key Performance Indicators, and Return on Investment
  • Deep and independent expertise in the ERP industry, with a broad and deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software packages.
  • Beginning with a "macro image" view of client organizations and quick implementation of solutions at the operational level.
  • Emphasising on a balance between client needs and pre-defined approaches