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Apparels & Fashions

The organized retail industry is poised for growth in the emerging economies. The fashion and apparel sector in particular has phenomenal potential in globalised and globalizing markets. Many companies are now reaping the benefits from the new technological practices they adopted - leading them to create an 'uncontested market space' for themselves.

Driven by the need to cater better to consumers' demands and gain efficiencies in supply chain processes, more and more retailers are collaborating with Dynamic Vertical Solutions (DVS) to access a 360 degree solution for their current challenges. This state of the art solution is LS Retail. It seamlessly ties together back office functionality, store management and point of sale efficiency into a single organizational system and transparent repository for managing better business results.

For example; Special Orders provides apparel retailers the flexibility required in today's complex consumer driven market, to customize orders based on specific customer requirements or draw upon larger stock inventory from other stores or warehouses. Persistent issues such as size out of stock are plaguing apparel retailers resulting in lost sales. These issues can be addressed by store personnel right at LS Retail Point of Sale (POS). Special Order flexibility expands beyond the store walls for product selection, storage and shipping, maximizing in-store sales potential and customer retention.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient data synchronization - latency factor reduced up to 50% to update store data in centralized database with reporting access.
  • Efficiency of warehouse users increased up to 60% in time consumed managing warehouse processes.
  • System maintenance - effort at stores reduced up to 40% through tasks handled by head office control.
  • Open to buy - allowing merchandisers to be informed as to what is available and what they need to buy.
  • Stock control - allowing the right product mix in stores to meet sales goals and maximize revenue.
  • Head office control - reported total control over pricing and increased sales as head office directs and enforces store prices and promotions.
  • Improved productivity - by integrating the data flow between all retail and accounting functions.


  • Info. - Fabric Type/Composition
  • Item Lifecycle Management - Seasonality
  • Item Variants :Color / Size
  • Alteration Replenishment Tools
  • Offers/Promotions/ Campaign
  • Item Wise/ Variant wise/ UOM wise/ Store wise Sales Price
  • Item Hierarchy
  • Open-to-Buy
  • Creation of Customers on the POS
  • Assortments Plans
  • Speedy Creation of Products Loyalty - Gift Registration
  • Targeted Tactical Promotions
  • Buyer's Workbench
  • Grading of Stores Distribution Engine
  • Store Capacity, Stock Coverage
  • POS Dynamic Interface, Design on the Fly Simple Processes at the POS